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400 Phone Business
First, the 400 phone calls over 800 benefits: National 400 800 toll-free telephone service is an upgraded version of similar business characteristics and business functions have been widely
Pan-open 800 free phone service, call progress than 800 4 points:
1, the country telephone, PHS, mobile phones can make 400 calls, 400 phone calling all local call charge! The potential expansion of 450 million mobile phone
Users to expand the scope of the national 400 telephone opened;
2, calls 800 to save more than 50%, 800 long-distance 0.85, 4008:0.60 million; 4006:0.12-0.4 yuan / minute;
3,400 self-service telephone network web management: call forwarding / call mode settings / check list of 400 phone calls, etc.;
4, reducing malicious calls and 400 phone call is not valid, control, Long said that the phenomenon of short words, improve operational efficiency!
Second, the 400 phone features and advantages:
1, the tariff flexibility: 400 telephone calls from the main, called assessments paid. Customers can effectively control costs;
2, using a wide range: telephone, PHS, mobile phones can make 400 calls, using a wider range;
3, malicious call under control: 400 phone calls the Lord called sharing;
4, business investment, fast implementation of the project: the called phone customers can use existing resources effectively, no need to set up the networking within the enterprise network
Equipment and leased digital lines, and therefore do not need to network and equipment maintenance, and reduce the network workload;
5, to facilitate network expansion transformation: information in a large public telecommunications network, the expansion of flexible transformation;
6, no bottlenecks, connection rate high: the trunk lines to provide ample dynamic traffic assignment, and pragmatic when lying in the sudden call to ensure that customers 400
Through Rate;
7,400 telephone communication quality assurance: the information public telephone network in the telecommunications transmission, quality stability and reliability;
8, telecom expert support: expert help from the telecom network and enterprise business integration, providing a total solution, and optimize network and
Enhance network communications, improve the quality of telephone communication 400;
Third, the 400 telephone service features
1, the uniform number of access: in the country, regardless of where 400 telephone caller to where, just dial "400 xxx xxxx", without adding
Area code, customers can pre-set by the enterprise program that will call directly to the designated call center or call the above answer.
2, the phone automatically assigned: 400 Telephone calls may be calling time will be different from phone calls received.
3, the black list (call blocking): Business customers can allow or disallow certain pre-designated telephone dial.
4, calls shared: 400 phone caller and the called communication cost sharing between enterprise customers, calling to pay the city calls, called to pay operating expenses.
6, cost control (call limit): 400 all to take pre-paid telephone system automatically stops after more than 400 phone adapter or their own as needed
400 Phone Call Manual limit.
7, the billing function: 400 phone customers can search through the Internet a detailed list of 400 phone numbers.
8, the call mode: 400 phone can provide the same time / order / restrictions on expert analysis of the call, but also in accordance with the time diverted to different phone models
The above answer.
IV, 400 telephone handling procedures
Receipt of business license, ID card of, sealed an agreement to immediately open (fax, scan, courier can recommend Scan to e-mail:
61283688@163.com this most clearly, for the fastest) 400 telephone protocol to download
V. 400 list of phone numbers
Special features national telephone services 4006663688
1, the switchboard function, the 400 telephone switchboard opened 801,802 ... and so the extension can be transferred, extension and then to answer your phone! (Up to 70 extensions)
(Example: 4006663688 SIA through the company's switchboard is you can call Lyrics)
Telephone companies can record 2,400 words of welcome: for example, "There are welcome to call the company ,...( ** For example: 4006003688 SIA through our company
Phone with ring tones you can dial 400 Lyrics)
3, support for online inquiry list of 400 phone bills! Do understand the consumer;
4,400 relay phone support time;
4, the national 400 telephone adapter up to 100 calls, 100 simultaneous calls;

China Netcom 4006 business line, known as the Lord called pay-sharing business, is called a client to provide a unique number across the country, and to call the number connected to the called customer predetermined destination ( phone number or call centers) nationwide intelligent network services. The business calls by the Lord, called sharing payment.
4006 on the need for customer service call center, you need to apply for a "4006xxxxxx" as the unity of the country access code; in any area of the country, the caller simply call the "4006xxxxxx" No, no need to dial the area code, you can pre-set by the enterprise solution business users will be connecting the call directly to the customer specified phone number or call center.