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Recruitment agents around

Agent cooperation:

* Wanted for the country at all levels are all over the agent. Sincere cooperation, create a win-win situation. Welcome to the virtual phone is committed where there, to discuss cooperation. Able to work with you to jointly develop this huge promising market, we will feel the glory. Waiting for your inquire.
* Co-agent conditions
1, the agent or the applicant is a natural person registered with the Trade and Industry Bureau is For the enterprise or business people in the virtual phone.
2, good customer resources.
3, has its own sales force, at least 1-4 full-time sales staff.
4, with the development plan and implementation plan for market expansion ability, to pass with the SIA to carry out marketing activities.
5, has a sense of professionalism and good service.
6, stored some of the agents advances, accounts and recharge for use at any time, you can always check details!
* Singapore Airlines through communications staff to serve you.
* Welcome to call to obtain agency cooperation agreement.

Cooperation policy

Welcome to Singapore Airlines in Hong Kong through partner mobile information sharing, voice communication and the tremendous benefits the Internet! Singapore Airlines to Hong Kong's commitment to give you links, including: the best products and services, integrity, respect, long-term interests protected. Win-win cooperation for the implementation of the concept, we have developed the following policy of cooperation:
One Hong Kong, Hong Kong Fax gift pass through the official website: each agent can obtain the same with our site automatically open an account in Hong Kong, Pick's official website, official website of the bank all of the above contact information and the mainland are the agents, etc. !

Zero Risk: We understand partners, especially the start of the agents under enormous pressure, as agents try to reduce the risk. Our initiatives in this area include: free of most of the business cooperation margin, not man-made advances on the business of the threshold is set too high, so that partners can move forward with ease, to success.

High profits: for partners, our basic approach to cost pricing to determine the price of cooperation, only to set the appropriate margin for the meager support of management, development, operation and maintenance, service cost, but will leave most of the huge profits of our cooperation partners, so that agents have sufficient incentive to expand the market.

Integrity protection: Hong Kong Tong Communication Co., Ltd. is a Singapore Airlines strict compliance with business ethics company. Partners treat each other with integrity is the quality of our cooperation, the first meaning. For the result of cooperation with our partners access to client resources, we will do our best ability to provide protection against all violations to the possibility of occurrence of the interests of partners. In addition, SIA's strategy and positioning decisions through our core competence is development and back-office operations support services, and less involved in direct selling, with our partners, customers are rare conflict (the so-called "hit list" phenomenon) therefore the optimal partner selection program vendor.

Brand Protection: We deeply understand the importance of branding for partners. In the SMS platform, in addition to the standard design platform neutral way, but for long-term partners, we also provide a platform for free OEM services to the platform full page to appear in a cooperative partner, contact information, links, and also be registered in accordance with the wishes of the definition of partner. Forms of cooperation for the project development, our entire team of technical and customer service background as a partner can support the team, so that partners demonstrate in front of customers more powerful strength, and strengthen their brand. One pass other communication products such as network fax, voice / fax marketing business, we also provide a neutral auxiliary login interfaces for partners to your website set up to provide independent image to their customers.

Resource support: Resource is the basis of our cooperation. We will continue to introduce the most advantageous products and resources, share partners, as a new profit source. In addition, we occasionally get customers to their unselfish sharing of resources and leads to partners.

Support: For every contract partners, we have the person responsible for liaison, support and initiative to return. Partner any trouble or problems, can turn to their counterparts in the service. If you have any comments and suggestions, may also reflect to us. We also provide free of charge to partners training products and services, please make an appointment to apply.