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Account opening procedures and fees
1. The account opening process with a number of Hong Kong:

Login Click to enter. . . Select number, click the Register to submit and follow the bank account to pay (general number 200 with 100 monthly rent of 30, received 0.18 per minute, sending China's 0.2 per minute, with reference to other countries, rates of Hong Kong network fax; different numbers stored the different calls and some Xuanhao Fei, the specific number of the mouse on the selected page number or click above to see each number into account the minimum recharge fee + Xuanhao Fei + = total cost of calls is that you should pay ), customer service receive your payment, go to work immediately to give you time to recharge, you can use the number immediately, and then log management system for background send and receive faxes;

2. Not with number of clients:

No monthly, free account opening fee, stored 100 calls to get an account and password, send a fax;

3.usbfax network fax: 198 original price, promotional price of 99 yuan / month, with 20 yuan bills, you can use after purchase;

(Courier fees to be paid to the company office, or purchase)