Virtual fax machine Features

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Virtual fax machine Features

No fax machine, not fax paper, no telephone lines, fax received by e-mail!
Only need to apply a standard local telephone number, fax number, as you specifically. Another fax machine by dialing the number directly sends you a fax. The company introduced the "Internet fax" value-added business services to enterprises and business individuals, assigned to the user of ordinary local telephone number, the system automatically answering receive faxes automatically forwarded fax line to your email, will be text message while charge to inform you remember.

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Network Fax advantages:

1. No need to purchase any hardware such as traditional fax machine, modem, fax software, without installing any application for payment of monthly numbers can be used immediately.

2. A virtual fax number, no matter how moving, the number will never change no migration.

3. Wave to pass, automatic acceptance, automatic notification, multi-receiver, is automatically saved.

4. Fax paperless, save a lot of fax paper, reducing office costs;
5. Fax digital, received the fax electronic documents in digital format for easy retrieval and long-term preservation, and to facilitate mailing;
6. Fax network, regardless of when and where you are, as long as the Internet can read the contents of newly received fax, to grasp business opportunities, effective telecommuting.
Your dedicated fax number, and others no longer share a fax number. Receive faxes using e-mail, do not take up a special telephone line. Charge anytime, anywhere, no need to in order to receive important faxes have been waiting in the fax machine side. More convenient to fax the preservation and management. Do not worry when you forget to take out an important fax, because you can download it at any time by the computer print out. Regardless of their work, address how they change, their fax number and phone number as their own will not change. Even if you are in the field or abroad, you can also use the most economical way to receive faxes.

How do I receive faxes?
After application of the business user is assigned a common local phone number, anyone can dial the number to your fax, the system automatically start fax reception, and automatically record call numbers to the query. When a new fax arrives, the system will fax documents to be sent to the image you set your email mailbox, at the same time notify you automatically via text messages to remind you to timely receipt!
Users can log in to your email box at any time access to fax, or online inquiries received by fax.

How to send fax?
Log online management interface, you can send faxes to any fax machine, a fax can also be mass to hundreds of fax machines at the same time, the local computer directly to the electronic document to the fax machine (to allow the File formats: DOC, PPT, PDF, XLS, TXT), no printing, directly.

The advantages of network fax:

Group sent, one to many to send, save the trouble of multiple dial-up, time-saving, high efficiency;

Save paper, electronic document to be sent for, without printing fax documents directly, convenient;

Automatic redial, the other fax machine is busy, the system will automatically re-sent n times.

Fax blasts, fax blasts business customers can use to send faxes to any fax machine:

Transmission of: Customer login box, choose to send electronic documents, enter one or more fax numbers, the mass can be submitted to the system background, sending the results displayed in the Outbox


No need to carry business card holder, personalized group contact list storage, easy to find at a glance!
Address Book contacts can be made available for each of a code (000-999), and group (1-9).

Set user web-mail system, billing inquiries, payment recharge functions.